About Us

We are a store looking to provide you with quality yoga clothing, jewelry, accessories, aromatherapy products and many more.

People’s hectic lifestyle nowadays unfortunately leads to numerous physical and psychological conditions. We all, as victims of the modern pace try to fight back, and not give in to stress. Thus, we do yoga.

Our contribution is providing our customers with everything they might be in need of upon taking up this transformative way of life. The garments we provide are not only a reflection of contemporary fashion, but they blend with street fashion –  comfortable pieces of clothing not just for the mat; yoga, and yoga fashion taken outdoors, beyond the walls of studios.

The practice of yoga encompasses not only physical exercise, but a crucial psychological one, teaching our strained body and minds to relax, and that is where our aromatherapy products come into play; it is not just meditation, aroma sticks and essential oils, it is a self-persevering everyday way of life.